Retailers are the best choice because they allow you to truly collaborate on the creation of your invitation. Your invitation should be your personal stamp of individuality that reaches beyond the menu-driven ordering process of the typical online retailer.

Here’s How:

Online, you’re forced to choose from a limited number of images or wait weeks for a sample to be sent to you that often won’t meet your expectations. At a retail location, you can actually see, touch and feel the invitations and view options more easily and thoroughly when looking through many sample albums.

There are many styles for paper quality, texture, thickness, printing methods, and enhancements. An experienced retailer will help you make the best choices from the options available.

It’s easier to make a slight mistake when ordering online. Don’t click the wrong box by accident. Retailers have ongoing relationships with their invitation suppliers. They have a better line of communication and options to make any last minute changes. You’ll have one-on-one attention to address special concerns, unique requests, creative suggestions, and etiquette questions. Your entire proof approval and ordering process is much
more hands-on.

You’ll have a meaningful and engaging experience knowing you can be in contact with your retail dealer 7 days a weeks.

We have plenty of stories to tell about customers who ordered their invitation online and then came to us, desperate to correct a problem or start from scratch. This doesn’t ever happen the other way around. Don’t make that same mistake!