Even if you choose the most beautiful Invitation design the end result depends on two things: Attention to detail by your invitation specialist and the actual production by the printing company.  
Invitations are very personal and customized for you. We want to help you avoid costly mistakes and a frustrating process.

Here are some tips to help your invitation ordering experience.

  1. Order the right quantity. You need one invitation for every single guest, couple, or family. Factor in a “B” list if your venue has a minimum guest requirement. Always order an extra 25 more than you think you needOrder extra envelopes for calligraphy spoilage.
  2. Double check your etiquette. A wording faux pas can be embarrassing.
  3. Don’t be too wordy. A crowded invitation takes away from its splendor.
  4. Order early. Invitations are not perishable items. When you know the where, when and how many, put the order in and have the invitations waiting for you rather than vice versa. If possible, order at least four months before to allow for remakes. You want to send the invitations out in time to allow your guests at least a month to RSVP.
  5. Order a “Save the Date” card as soon as possible, especially when your event takes place during summer months and holiday weekends. Guests are more likely to vacation during this time and you can help them avoid a date conflict.
  6. Weigh the invitations at the post office for accurate postage and find out about hand canceling to minimize postal damage during processing.
  7. Consider ordering a custom stamp that complements the invitation. Suggestions include a monogram, motif, or photograph.
  8. Order extra personalized “Thank You” cards. You can use always use leftovers for personal stationery later on.

Look at the selection and ordering process as a collaboration between us. Pay careful attention to the proofs and let an extra pair of eyes proof- read the wording and layout. We look forward to meeting with you and discussing your invitation needs.

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